Stephanie has lived sincerely as a lesbian, heterosexual, and now, a bisexual. She has been an activist since the 1980’s, when attacks against abortion clinics galvanized her to work for women’s rights (deja vu, right?) and awakened her feminist consciousness. She co-founded an LGBT organization which served the hungry and homeless in Cincinnati, and was active in several other causes throughout the years. Stephanie earned a Masters degree in Library/Information Science and another in Community Health Education. In addition to working as an academic librarian, she has experience in higher education, public health, and social services. Her aim is to make the world a better place for all, and has little interest in wielding power and ego for its own sake.


Dr Mimi HoangMIMI HOANG, Co-Founder and Past Chair

Mimi Hoang, Ph.D. is a clinician, educator, author, and advocate specializing in cultural diversity issues, specifically with the bisexual and Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities. Since 1999 she has co-founded 3 bisexual organizations–the Los Angeles Bi Task Force (LABTF), amBi (A Meeting of Bi Individuals), and Fluid UCLA. A licensed psychologist by trade, Dr. Hoang has published a research article on bisexual identity congruence and internalized biphobia in the Journal of Bisexuality and a book chapter on bisexual women in the Essential Handbook of Women’s Sexuality. Earning a seat at the first Bisexual Roundtable at the White House in 2013 and a title as one of the “Most Significant Women in the Bisexual Movement,” Dr. Hoang continues to promote sexual orientation equality in community, clinical, and academic circles.


JERRY MUSSARI, Business Coordinator

Joe “Jerry” Mussari, MSW,  first became active in the Bi Community during the B.A.F.F.L.E.D. (Bisexual Arts Film Festival, Literature, Educational and Drama) event in August, 1999 when he volunteered to take tickets at the all day event. Since then, he has been a facilitator for the Bi Chat in Long Beach for 4 years, and he was board member for a short time for Bi Net LA.  He was instrumental in launching the LA Bi Task Force (formerly called the LA Bi Center Planning Committee) in November, 2007. Back in the 1970s , while Jerry lived in San Francisco, he rented out his 3 story home to a group that called it The Golden Gate Gay Liberation House.  He also spearheaded an all volunteer counseling program for the young men who lived  at the home. He envisions that, someday Los Angeles will have a drop in center for Bisexuals and Bi-friendly individuals.


Tara M. AveryTARA M. AVERY, Media Coordinator

Tara M. Avery is a cartoonist and web designer whose comics work has found its way into print and on the web. Her sitcom webcomic “Dirtheads” features several LGBT characters (as well as plain ol’ dirtheads) and has been running since 2005 at http://www.cheatingatsolitaire.net. Her short subject work has appeared in publications such as Astrokitty Comics Presents and Shiot Crock, the latter of which she has served as webmaster. A spinoff of “Dirtheads” named “Gooch”, focusing on her LGBT characters, will debut on this site later this month.



Cadyn Cathers, MA has been an advocate and activist for the LGBTQIA community since 2003. He was involved in the creation of “The Coming Out Monologues” in 2007 at UC Riverside and the theater project has become an annual event on the Day of Silence and has traveled to several other colleges and universities. He was a field organizer for the No on Prop 8 campaign for the Inland Empire in which he organized rallies and raised money to support marriage equality. He completed his MFT (marriage and family therapy) Traineeship at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, where he conducted groups for MTF (male-to-female) and FTM (female-to-male) people, and men who are survivors of domestic violence. Currently, he is an MFT Intern at the Los Angeles Gender Center, where he sees couples, families, and individuals who are exploring their gender expression, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation. He provides trainings for clinics and universities on sexuality and gender. Additionally, he is a project coordinator at Mount San Antonio College, where he is developing a safe space program for LGBTQ students and is adjunct faculty at Alliant International University and Antioch University.



Curt is a writer and English professor at Pierce College, finishing his doctorate in educational leadership at Fielding Graduate Institute. His dissertation focuses on slogans or cultural ideas called “memes”. He also has an MFA from Antioch College. He lives in Joshua Tree and enjoys gardening, creating art from found objects, and political activism.


Friends of the Committee

Ruth Cam, J.D. was born and raised in Europe.  She worked in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry and was a community organizer for the Local Union in Aachen, Germany.  Ruth moved to California in 1994.  She attended University of La Verne, College of Law and is now a California licensed Small Business Attorney.  Ruth came out as bisexual in 2008 and has since then been involved with the Bi Community in Los Angeles.


Faith Cheltenham has good luck navigating the worlds of technology, mass media & culture with the intent of changing the world. Faithhas pounded pavement interning for Al Gore, was a cast member of “Black. White.” a 2006 Emmy-winning reality show on Race in America for FX Networks, and in 2007, she developed and produced sarahferguson.com, working closely with Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York.  Faith finished her “extended working vacation” in NYC with the 2008 San Diego Comic Con launch of tor.com, the science fiction social networking website she co-developed.  A longtime Bisexual activist and co-founder of UCLA’s Queer Alliance, Faithis an occasional contributing writer for BiNet USA and advocate.com and has been heard on NPR’s All Things Considered and KFPK.


MIKE SZYMANSKI has been a bi activist since the early 1980s when he was a gay writer who came out as bi in a cover story and then went on the Donahue Show to talk about it. He has been on more than forty talk shows, and has written for E! Online, Knight-Ridder Tribune, Atlanta Constitution, Entertainment Weekly, US, and many national magazines and now writes for the Los Angeles Times, Science Fiction Weekly, WordMag, and Hollywood.com. Mike has also written popular columns on PlanetOut.com, BiFocus.com, BiCafe.com, and Cybersocket. com and is the Bisexuality Examiner (http://www.examiner.com/x-3366-Bisexuality-Examiner). He was previously media coordinator for BiNet USA, and now teaches journalism at UCLA. His current partner found him by reading an article Mike wrote about bisexuality and came out as bi after being married to a woman. They are now raising a child his partner fathered with Mike’s sister and have been together for more than a dozen years.


Kyle Schickner left Rutgers University in 1995 to start an Off-Off-Broadway theater company called FenceSitter Productions. Based out of the Stanford Meisner Theater, the company produced four successful plays, three of which were written and directed by Schickner himself. Schickner eventually relocated to Los Angeles, and FenceSitter Productions became FenceSitter Films. Schickner has written and directed five feature films, as well as several commercials and music videos. His features include romantic comedy Rose By Any Other Name…, the mockumentary Full Frontal, and the critically acclaimed thriller Strange Fruit.
His current feature film, Steam, stars Oscar-nominated actress Ruby Dee, 80s and indie icon Ally Sheedy, and up-and-coming young actress Kate Siegel.


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